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Flip Top Closures

New 20/410 Flip Top Cap added to the range!

Classic Dispensing

  • Active hinge design
  • Different orifice sizes
  • Gloss finish
  • Suitable for a broad spectrum of products
  • Numerous colour options
  • Available with aluminium sleeves in a wide range of colours
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Flip top closures were amongst the first products made by BodyPak and we love them. They are both supremely versatile and functional products that do a great job, hence their longevity. We spent a long time designing durable precision tooling to create our classic dispensing closures and all undergo numerous visual and functional checks to ensure they always conform to our tight specification. The active hinge design on our flip tops ensures a durable and reliable dispensing closure.

Additional information

Neck Finish

20/415, 20/410, 24/410, 24/415, 28/410

Surface Finish


Orifice Size

1.3mm to 5.5mm





Suitable Bottles

Various manufacturers details supplied on request.

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