Our new Eco-Airless line are comprised entirely of PP components, making the whole pack 100% recyclable without the need for disassembly!

The Eco-Airless range can be offered in four capacity options, from 15-100ml; an ideal selection of sizes to create a family or range of products to suit your brand. All come with a standardised pump with overcap and feature a sleek, cylindrical body for easy decoration.

Product Code Product Name Dosage Product Material Overall height (mm) Diameter (mm)
BPHECO15 15ml Eco-Airless 0.2cc 100% PP 94.8 32.8
BPHECO30 30ml Eco-Airless 0.2cc 100% PP 125.6 32.8
BPHECO50 50ml Eco-Airless 0.2cc 100% PP 151.5 35.3
BPHECO100 100ml Eco-Airless 0.2cc 100% PP 176.4 40.8

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