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Vantage Flip Top

With Patented Non-Drip Valve System

  • Speciality dispensing
  • Patented PP valve technology
  • Suitable for a broad spectrum of products
  • Numerous colour options
  • Bottles sourced upon request
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The Vantage dispensing closure is a full width Co-PP closure with an active hinge design. This design is slightly larger than the Arc and is more suitable for oval size bottles up to 750ml or a litre. The advantage to the Vantage is that it can be specified with our unique patented all PP non drip valve system, that is perfect for water and surfactant based formulas as it effectively limits any inadvertent spillage. This non drip closure design also has the added advantage over competitor closures in that it is only 2-piece construction and both parts are produced from recyclable PP.  This enables a PP bottle/ all PP Vantage closure to be recycled together, whereas competitor closures have to be removed as they are not recyclable.

Additional information

Neck Finish


Surface Finish


Sealing System

Bore Seal

Orifice Size

8mm (without valve), 4.7mm (without valve), Non-drip valve





Suitable Bottles

Various manufacturers details supplied on request

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