BodyPak is delighted to announce that it is now able to offer quick-to-market, clinically tested skincare formulas with proven efficacy under its new partner company BodyPak Beauty.

Through BodyPak Beauty we are able to offer a wide selection of skincare and cosmetic solutions as part of our complete packaging service, all of which have a focus on scientifically proven skin barrier defense and repair, along with a variety of other benefits depending on the line chosen from.

Our formulas are all FDA and EU approved, and currently trusted by global brands to deliver highly effective skincare treatment.

We have flexible order quantities, so whether you’re a start-up looking to launch their first skincare product, or an established brand looking to expand their range we can help with our efficacious formulations, complete with all required testing and clinical data to help you get your new product from selection to shelf as quickly as possible.

For more information get in touch with us today on +44 (0) 1502 719637 or visit our new website by clicking here.